A low impact diet

We believe that food is the single strongest lever to optimise human health and environmental sustainability on Earth.

We live in an era of ecocide. Human inflicted damages to our planet - climate breakdown, wildlife annihilation, destruction of land and waters - put all or her inhabitants in imminent danger. Scientists call for a radical change in the global food system, less meat consumption and more legumes, as three billion people worldwide are malnourished and food production is exceeding planetary boundaries.

Behind Plantcraft, we are three successful genX entrepreneurs from Europe and New Zealand. Our generation, together with the baby boomers has ruined the world for the millennials, and the three of us want to help unfuck it.


Kati Ohens

Kati spent most of her professional career in advertising and software development, until a significant turnabout when she decided to dedicate her time to planetary stewardship. She is immensely passionate about improving the human diet both on a personal and global levels.

Kati is running the strategy and holding the vision of the company.


Csaba Hetenyi

Csaba is coming from a commercial banking background, mostly active in project finance consulting, financial enterprises with retail and SME focus. He has over a decade of experience in CEO positions and some pretty unique and handy skills, such as managing a pasta factory.

He’s looking after finances, R&D and manufacturing at Plantcraft.


We cherish our partnerships


Plantcraft has relocated to Berlin to complete the four month ProVeg incubation program.

ProVeg is working with both startups and established companies to expand the plant-based food system. They have an excellent grasp of changing market needs and are ideally placed to help maximise the impact of new startups by connecting them to a large international network of key players in the food industry.

They partner with food producers, restaurants, catering firms, and canteens, as well as lawyers, investors, health insurance companies, and the medical community.


Plantcraft is a proud member of the CEU iLab 2018-2019 cohort.

The CEU InnovationsLab (iLab) is the non-equity startup incubator of Central European University, and the flagship of CEU’s university innovation ecosystem unparalleled in Hungary and Central Europe. The CEU iLab is an innovative and integrative community where entrepreneurs learn from fellow entrepreneurs and mentors as they grow their businesses. Where CEU students, alumni and faculty can be startup founders. Where established firms can try out new ideas. Where we learn and teach innovation and entrepreneurship by practicing it.


The future of meat

We are keeping a record of particularly interesting articles from the sustainable food industry.